‘A Fazenda 13’: Mirella is revolted by Dynho and Sthe’s romance and vents. ‘What a sucker’

In “The Farm 13”, Dynho Alves won the Fire Trial and is the new holder of the lamp, but your wife, Mirella is not happy with her participation in the reality show since, this Monday (15) she finally commented on the proximity of her husband with Sthe Matos.

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“Whatever approach I had in my edition, I automatically: oh my God the so-and-so, oh my God the so-and-so, then I don’t want to hurt Cycling… What a sucker!” , which are very close in the rural area.

The two have been closely followed by fans, since they began to exhibit moments of affection and flirtation that were noticed even by their housemates. While Dynho married Mirella in February of this year, even participating in the “Power Couple”, Record couples reality show, Sthe is engaged.

Mirella vents about Sthe Matos and Dynho Alves flirting: ‘I can’t take it anymore’

“You have to have a head, right? I can’t stand to see anything anymore. Every day the same thing… I don’t wake up with a light mind anymore, it’s always a new nightmare. It makes me want to continue sleeping and that’s it.”, wrote Mirella on the social network , when revealing that on Sunday (14) he did the “two saddest shows of his life”.

“People imagine, capable… I don’t mind these posts. It’s just because there’s no way to escape the facts. You’re not to blame.”, he said, after the fans showed concern for exposing the singer to attitudes of the husband.

When the controversy over Dynho’s alleged betrayal with Sthe surfaced after Lary Bottino’s arrival at headquarters, leading them to sleep face-to-face in the same bed, Mirella had already spoken that she had access. to all the images, and I was following the behavior of the loved one in the reality show.

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