‘A Fazenda 13’: kisses and nude? Bil promises Sol to return from the countryside and Rico remembers ‘BBB 21’

Bil Araújo is the most likely to return from the tenth farm according to the poll of “A Fazenda 13”. Without knowing the information, the pawn made promises to Solange Gomes, encouraging her, Aline Mineiro and Mileide Mihaile. The people told the protagonist of the edition, Rico Melquiades about what happened at dawn this Thursday (25).

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“Rico, it’s just that you weren’t here. There’s a little promise from Bil for him to come back that you have no idea,” said Aline in the headquarters’ room, while talking to colleagues with whom she is getting closer and closer. “What is he going to do? Is he going to jump in his underwear or naked?”, asked the influencer.

He’s going to parade in white swimming trunks in the pool and at the end he’s going to give me a kiss“, revealed Solange. “Calm down. It doesn’t increase, Sol”, replied Aline. “It’s a peck”, explained Mileide. “Oh, let people think it’s a kiss”, replied Gugu’s ex-bathtube, laughing. The conversation took place after MC Gui, who will be processed by Rico’s team, come back farmer.

Rico quotes ‘BBB 21’ when he learns of Bil’s surprise if he returns from the countryside: ‘Igual o Gil’

Rico was expecting something warmer from the pawn, and he didn’t hide it. When the friends were making a mystery about Bil’s promise, after Rico asked if the ex-No Limite would be naked, he even touched Sol’s breasts.

“Is he going to do that to Solange’s breasts? [falou pegando nos seios da peoa]asked Rico. “Much more, love,” Aline joked for the second time, before finally revealing that the novelty would be kissing Sol and diving in the pool.

“It would be better if he jumped naked in the pool with his hand [cobrindo o pênis], he understood? Like Gil jumped [no “BBB 21″]”, said Rico, remembering when Gil do Vigor and Fiuk returned from the wall of the competitor’s reality show this year.

Rico has often remembered “BBB 21”, even apologizing to Karol Conká for comparing Dayane Mello to her.

People prefer swim trunks to Bil Araújo’s nude: ‘Mystery’

After Rico joked about wanting a promise that would leave Bil Araújo’s body, still shaken by Mileide’s “betrayal” in the formation of the farm, more exposed, the people disagreed.

“I think swimwear gets more interesting,” Mileide said. “With Sunga there is a mystery”, said Aline. “The swim trunks are a mystery,” Solange also agreed. “Oh guys, jumping with your hand would show your ass,” Rico explained.

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