‘A Fazenda 13’: Bil and Sthe vent and criticize Mileide’s choices in the formation of the farm

“The 13th Farm” is with the tenth formed garden and Bil Araújo, MC Gui and Dayane Mello face elimination with Gui Araújo, if farmers do not return. As usual, the night after the formation of the hot seat was busy for the pedestrians and, this time, it was marked by outbursts.

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Sthe Matos criticized Mileide Mihaile’s attitude during the vote, as it led Bil, a friend of the people, to be eliminated by Resta Um. The influencer also vented with Dynho, protagonist of her controversial relationship at the headquarters.

Bil was also upset with his friend’s choices and vented in the bedroom with Marina Ferrari and Aline Mineiro. Already Rico, appointed as the protagonist of the edition, defended Safadão’s ex-wife and criticized the fact that Sthe was upset with her.

Sthe vents to Dynho about Mileide and questions the worker

Sthe Matos told his biggest partner in the house, Dynho Alves, about not understanding why Mileide saved Marina Ferrari in the dynamics of Resta Um, instead of Bil Araújo. The girl had gone to talk to her friend about the situation, questioning the choice.

“I understand what you’re feeling, I talked to him [Bil], I know that deep down he is hurt. I’ll cheer until the end, until he comes back, I’ll believe until the end. But I understand you, and it’s okay for you to feel it. It’s because, I want to talk to you and you turned your face away, you’re upset and with good reason.”, Mileide replied.

She reinforced that she thinks Sthe is right to care and said she “knows what she did”, but she justified herself saying that at the time of emotion she couldn’t think about the game. The businesswoman had justified that Marina had saved her on a previous occasion and that she had affection for her.

Mileide tries to resolve with Sthe: ‘It hurts me too’

“It’s a game, but when it comes to ‘get it to sing’ your emotions, feelings will always stay that way. Because it hurts for me too,” said Mileide.

And she also asked that, after her friend’s time to assimilate everything, they can resolve themselves and get back to being closer.

Sthe, who had already indicated her friend’s departure the day before, guaranteed that her annoyance would pass, but regretted that the two are “playing differently” and out of the “same tune” they once had.

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Later, she went to vent to Dynho. “More than a month than the guy [Bil] do everything for you [Mileide]. Ouch [a Marina] it does one thing, one thing, and cancels out the two months,” said Sthe.

“Is it over there [Mileide] she’s digging her own grave,” agreed Dynho. “I don’t know if she’s playing Rico’s game, what the fuck,” complained the Bahian woman.

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