‘A Fazenda 13’ already has a date for the final. See Record’s decision and who’s left in the competition!

“The Farm 13” will have its grand final on December 16th. It was known that the Record program would last for three months, but the date for sure had not been revealed. Adriane Galisteu even recorded a Tiktok, one of the attraction’s biggest partners, saying that the R$1.5 million prize would be disputed between the 14th and 17th of the last month of the year.

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According to columnist Flávio Rico, from the “R7” portal, the day was defined and will still be in the second week of December, close to the period in which Globo begins to sign contracts for the participants of “BBB 22”.

Like the competitor’s reality show, the rural program is planning to end a week before its previous edition, which consecrated Jojo Todynho as champion. The ex-peoa has recently revealed who she is looking forward to seeing in the new final.

Rico Melquiades is already in the top 10 of ‘A Fazenda 13’

The fans of Jojo Todynho belong to Rico Melquiades, pointed out by many as the protagonist of the edition. The funkeira declared on her Instagram that she has been enjoying the comedian’s game, after revealing her outrage at the controversy that has gripped the web in recent days: the jacket torn by Dayane.

Rico was the winner of the Farmer’s Test of the week and has already secured his place in the top 10 of the 94-episode edition, being closer to the final on the next 16th.

Meanwhile, two of her friends, Aline Mineiro, Solange Gomes and Valentina Francavilla, a former partner in the game who maintained an alliance with Dayane, Rico’s enemy, may leave the dream of getting the final prize.

Besides them, those still in the “A Fazenda 13” competition are: Mileide Mihaile, Sthe Matos, Gui Araújo, MC Gui, Bil Araújo, Dynho Alves and Marina Ferrari.

‘The Farm 13’ must follow the steps of ‘The Farm 12’

Record has not yet revealed if it will make the reunion episode to “wash dirty clothes”, as it was in last year’s edition. Another dynamic of the 2020 final that has not yet been revealed is that of four participants in the final.

In the Jojo edition, Lipe Ribeiro, Biel and Stéfani Bays competed for R$1.5 million. However, it is likely that “A Fazenda 13” will follow in the footsteps of the previous edition with the ex-peões returning to headquarters to discuss the events of the reality show, as this is a trend that has been taking hold in the style’s productions.

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The episode known as the reunion has always been the practice of international reality shows and cable TV. In national and open TV productions that reach a large audience, such as “BBB” and “A Fazenda”, the novelty emerged more recently.

It is already known that “BBB 22” will hold the meeting of participants, following the success of the program this year. Likewise, the 2020 edition of “A Fazenda” had record-breaking and great success at Record.

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