‘A Favorita’: Zé Bob stayed with Flora or with Donatela at the end of the soap opera? Record!

THE novel “The Favorite” is being re-exhibited on Globo, in “Vale a Pena Ver de Novo” recounting the story of Donatela (Claudia Raia) and Flora (Patricia Pilar), the great villain of the plot originally shown in 2008. In João Emanuel Carneio’s telenovela, the former -members of the duo Faísca and Espoleta will compete against investigative journalist Zé Bob (Carmo Dalla Vecchia).

But you Do you remember who the reporter from the newspaper “O Paulistano” ends up with? Father of Camila (Hannah Romanazzi), the result of a relationship with Rita (Christine Fernandes), Zé Bob appears in the plot to investigate the misdeeds of Romildo Rosa (Milton Gonçalves, actor who died a few weeks ago).

Upon meeting Flora and Donatela, the journalist hears the versions of the two former singers and is in doubt about who is telling the truth, regarding the murder of Marcelo (Flavio Tolezani), Donatela’s husband and one of the people killed by Flora.

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Novel ‘A Favorita’: Zé Bob helps in Donatela’s arrest

Throughout the novel, Flora leaves prison and sets up several times to pretend to be wronged. In this, the bitch kills Doctor Salvatore (Walmor Chagas) and makes Donatela, her archrival, be caught by Zé Bob with the murder weapon. The journalist, although pondering in a statement that he did not see Donatela shoot the elderly man, ends up causing the young woman, Lara’s foster mother (Mariana Ximenes), to be arrested.

Soap opera ‘A Favorita’: Zé Bob ends up with whom?

Ahead, Donatela starts dating Zé Bob and gains a “task force” to prove her innocence and, consequently, Flora’s guilt. They allied with Halley’s mother (Cauã Reymond), in addition to the boy and the journalist, Tuca (Rosi Campos), the reporter’s boss.

In the final part of the novel, Flora almost kills Zé Bob twice after getting rid of Maíra (Juliana Paes). One of them when the journalist is already married to Donatela. And it is with the reporter that the young lady ends the story after Flora is arrested again, after being shot by her own daughter, Lara.

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