A father seriously injured after being hit by a security guard at Parc Astérix: “I slipped”

On August 2, 2015, overwhelmed by the long queue he had to make in the Oziris merry-go-round, a father gets angry and refuses to obey. A security guard intervenes but the father of the family pushes him against a wagon. The employee reacts strongly and throws two punches in the face of the customer. It all started with the fact that the employee asked the father and his son to leave because of the size required for the attraction.

Five other guards arrive as reinforcements and try to control the visitor who struggles and tries to kick with his feet. The first guard nudges him on the back of the head while his colleagues tackle the visitor to the ground. During this time, a sixth security officer placed the child aside to prevent him from attending the intervention.

Dad was seriously injured. The judgment of the security guard, who acknowledges “having slipped” has been deliberated on December 8.

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