A father dies in front of his three daughters: “The way the paramedics treated him was disgusting”

A 51-year-old man lost his life in front of his three daughters in Hull, England, when he had just been visited by paramedics for an umbilical hernia.

The father of the family had to wait for help for two long hours before they arrived at his home. However, his wife had called them three times.

After an examination, the medical team simply prescribed medication to the Briton: ” I still can’t get over how I lost my husband and my three daughters lost their father – just because an ambulance crew didn’t do their job the way they should the wife told HullLive.

“The way they treated him was disgusting. »

According to her, the emergency doctors did not do their job properly because her husband suffered from alcoholism: “ The way they treated him was disgusting. I think they only saw an alcoholic. They stole her life, her chance to walk her daughters down the aisle and meet her first grandchildren. He had his problems with alcohol but he knew it and it had been a month since he had stopped drinking. “.

The next morning, the father of the family fainted when he woke up: ” When I touched his skin, he was completely cold. Looking back, I think her body was fading “. His wife then tried to resuscitate him in front of his children, in vain. He was pronounced dead a few hours later.

The British justice recognized that there had been negligence and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust admitted its error.

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