A famous TPMP columnist picked up by Alain Delon and Georges Clooney: you’ll never guess who it is

She’s on point! Who wouldn’t dream of being hit on by both Alain Delon and George Clooney? Two huge stars of French and international cinema who crack young and old, even if both are beginning to advance in age. The latter have lost none of their sex appeal and no one would be against a date with one of the two. Nobody, except Valérie Benaïm.

Indeed, the famous columnist of TPMP revealed a funny secret while she was on the show We redid the TV on RTL, hosted by Eric Dussart. Not stingy with anecdotes, the one who officiates almost every evening around the table led by Cyril Hanouna came back to the 90s/2000s. Period during which she met Alain Delon while she hosted a program on TF1. “It was with Guillaume Durand, during my first live prime, I was not far off. Alain Delon was extremely nice to me”. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. However, a few hours after the shooting she receives a phone call from the sacred monster of French cinema which she does not pick up. “For the little anecdote, I walked around for a very long time with a message from Alain Delon on my phone because, not knowing it was him, I hadn’t picked up. I had everyone listen to it. my friends”. Valérie Benaïm going even further into the secrets by revealing that the actor would not even have bothered to introduce himself in the message, aware of his reputation and the evidence that his voice was immediately recognizable. “Hello, call me back”, she imitates in a soft voice.

But the anecdotes of flirting with the great actors do not stop there. Since Valérie Benaïm remembered another memory, this time with George Clooney. The columnist meeting the actor during the American film festival Deauville who granted him an interview. It was after this interview that the one also known for his class in Nespresso advertisements made advances to the host by offering to have dinner together. “He must have been a bit bored in Deauville, I think he had nothing to do but have dinner with a girl.” Our colleagues from Gala recalling that Valérie Benaïm, at the time, was about to get married and was therefore forced to decline the very nice invitation.

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