A famous doctor becomes a father at the age of 83: ‘Unfortunately, I will not be able to see Emilio grow up’

In Argentina, Alberto Cormillot is a nutritionist known to everyone, since he is the source of more than 50 books in his field. But recently, he has been talking about him for a completely different reason, he who became the father of a little Emilio, when he was 83 years old: “Unfortunately, I will not be able to see Emilio grow up. »

Indeed, his 35-year-old wife became pregnant with him through fertility treatment. “I am actively involved in his education. While I’m still here, I want to prepare it as best I can. I encourage him to crawl and record messages for him to listen to later. I don’t dramatize, I just record the reality of life. I take advantage of every day that is still given to me in his company”, explains the doctor.

He explains in particular that he hired a private Chinese teacher, when the baby was only nine months old. The nutritionist is already the father of Renee, 55, and Adrien, 47. He also has three granddaughters. As for his former wife, she died in 2017.

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