A famous clairvoyant predicts the death of Albert II, the “Covid-plus” and Macron president: here are all his predictions, “but I am not infallible…”

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His visions, he has them in contact with others or, suddenly, like that. These are flashes that cross it. Claude Alexis then notes them carefully in a notebook. In the end, it will give a book of predictions like this one “What will happen in 2022?” “. But if he holds some keys to our future, the seer, who advocates benevolence, tempers: “I am not infallible either. Here are, in a few points, the events that could mark the year to come. “Unfortunately, what is written is written. If you have to take a path and you take another, at some point you will come back to take the one intended for you… ”, explains the seer.

The presidential election in France. “It will be Macron”. But Claude Alexis also sees “Marion Maréchal-Le Pen’s alliance with Eric Zemmour. “

A big fire. Among other natural disasters and after Notre-Dame de Paris, another historic French building could go up in smoke. “I see a luxury hotel, a palace, in flames in Paris”.

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The Covid Crisis and Violence Around the World. “It will take a little more patience before we regain stability. We will have to wait between 3 and 5 years ”. The psychic said he also feels the word “Covid-plus”, like a new virus.

Belgian royalty. “I see your present king’s father passing away. He will have been hospitalized. There is clearly a danger to the health of King Albert ”.

And on the Buckingham side? “Queen Elizabeth II will pass the year 2022. I said last year that she would be hospitalized in 2021. She will hold out until the end. She’s tough! On the other hand, Prince Charles could well become king, but not for long, underlines the seer. “There could be a generation which abdicates to give the throne to William, who will form, with Kate Middleton, a royal couple”.

George Clooney separated! If anyone was looking for good news for 2022, here it is. Finally, it is less cheerful for Amel (Clooney) who should part with a crash from Mr. Nespresso. “And George Clooney will have someone else in his life. It’s no longer “what else?” “But” who else? “.

Mistrust. For Claude Alexis, certain personalities will be “at risk” in 2022: “Claudia Cardinale, Adamo, Renaud, Alain Delon, Line Renaud, BB…


“What will happen in 2022? By Claude Alexis (ed. Guy Trédaniel)

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