"A double life, wife and mistress: what horror!" : Daniel Auteuil admits having lied to his companions all his life!

Whether we are famous or not, we all hope to make our partner happy and entrust him with our most sincere love in order to satisfy him as well as possible. But unfortunately for some, the thing is more complicated. This is particularly the case for Daniel Auteuil. The actor recently told our colleagues from Femme Actuelle that he had lied a lot to his companions in the past. The former companion of Emmanuelle Béart admitted that he was not always trustworthy when he was in a relationship and that this guilt consumed him for a long time: “ Separations, we succeed them better when we get dumped, because we feel less guilty “, he explained. Before specifying: I spent all my guilt quota, but I keep crying “.

The actor indicates that he has lied to women a lot in the past, ” a lot, even! “. The one who will celebrate his 73rd birthday on January 24th told our colleagues from Femme Actuelle, that it is thanks to the filming of the film The adversary that he realized the overwhelming and traumatic scope of lies that still hurt him: ” I haven’t been lying since I made the film The Adversary. This guy with a double life, wife and mistress: what horror! I never knew how to lie, I always turned red. Lying has hurt me all my life “.

Daniel Auteuil has a daughter, Aurore, born in 1981 and fruit of his love with actress Anne Jousset. He then shared the life of Emmanuelle Béart, whom he met on the set of L’amour en douce in 1984. In April 1992, the couple had a daughter named Nelly and then decided to marry before divorcing in 1995 after two years. of weddings. In the early 2000s, the actor got into a relationship with Marianne Denicourt. In 2003, he met a Corsican artist, Aude Ambroggi, whom he married in July 2006 in Porto-Vecchio. On September 26, 2009, his girlfriend gave birth to a baby boy named Zachary.


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