A dog changes lives: fundraising on GoFundMe for some four-legged friends

The link between man And dog has ancient origins, it is a special and solid relationship that contributes to the psychophysical well-being of both.

Precisely because of the extraordinary nature of the relationship between man and dog, it is important to safeguard the health of one’s own 4-legged friend and, over the years, a greater sensitivity and awareness has developed in this regard. This is also evident from the increase of fundraisers to bear the costs of taking care of your Fido.

Is called Sam the Sicilian foundling for whom a fundraiser was launched for an important intervention, after she was diagnosed with a serious bilateral dysplasia at hips. Also Bowie has to deal with the same evil as Sam, a very expensive surgery is necessary for him, while Axel needs cancer treatment. Nanųkan Alaskan Malamute just 2 years old, famous for welcoming all the patrons of the Battisti, an alpine refuge in the Reggio Apennines, needs to undergo veterinary care and continuous examinations, due to a very aggressive cancer, a bone hemangiosarcoma, but the expenses are really expensive.

In the case of Moon and Lindatwo puppies of cocker taken over by the Italian Cocker Rescue ODV association, born with a very serious malformation of the hips, many have mobilized to be able to buy some prosthesis which will be implanted after an expensive operation.

Dogs to be saved with special care, but also to be preserved, taking care of their stay in appropriate places, as in the case of three Maremmas living in the province of Lecce: for them there is an attempt to arrange land to fence it off and make it safe.

There are truly numerous fundraisers involving our 4-legged friends, but speaking of relationships, loving means to take care of and, a tangible testimony of this comes to us from the campaigns born to allow families with fragile children and with disability to enlist the invaluable help of an assistance dog.

After receiving the proper training, i assistance dogs they can help carry out specific and essential tasks for the client’s daily life, even learning to recognize initials symptoms of the client’s condition, but training is expensive and time consuming. This is why many parents, sometimes also assisted by associations, such as, for example Golden collarhave launched fundraisers to allow their children to have an assistance dog in the family.

Now on GoFundMe you can donate to the page An animal can change your lifewhere you will find many stories of people whose lives have been changed by an assistance dog and other situations where dogs can increase the quality of life, through the pet therapyfor example, with regard to strictly psychological support.

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