A disciplinary practice of this school to make calm reign scandalizes the parents of the pupils: “It is not a military camp”

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Samanthan Sawdon, a mother of six, was outraged by the new rules imposed at Outwood Academy Ormesby, where two of her children study. Recently, 15-year-old Tyler and 13-year-old Tilly, when lined up in front of their class, must stand on their left feet and raise their hands in silence.

She believes that this is a military practice that has nothing to do in a playground. Some children have also started chanting “Heil Hitler” while doing so, to decry a rule they find absurd. “This is not a military camp. Why do children have to raise their hands like this? There is nothing positive and we shouldn’t force that on them, ”Samantha told Teesside Live.

“I have the impression that they are transformed into learned apes. What are they going to do next? Rub their stomachs when they’re hungry? It is unfair. The children have been through a lot for two years, they don’t need that extra, ”continues the angry mother. She is not the only one who does not understand this rule among parents, where anger roars.

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On the management side, Gemma Trattles reacted by indicating that she did not understand the controversy: “We introduced this process to enter the school at the start of the day and at the end of recess, and the return was positive on the student side, so we do not understand complaints. The rule is to let the teacher know that everyone is alert and ready to go to class, this is something that happens in many schools. Any student who makes an inappropriate remark, as stated in a parent’s complaint, will not be tolerated as it is totally unacceptable. “

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