A crying Dennis Knudsen said goodbye to his daughter: ‘Now my little angel is up in heaven’

‘Now my little angel is up in heaven’

That’s what it sounded like from a deeply moved Dennis Knudsen, when he got a hug from a little girl in front of Saint Paul’s church in Korsør on Thursday afternoon shortly after he had taken some of the heaviest steps a father can take. Against the rusted wagon with his little daughter’s coffin.

With tears streaming down his cheeks and crying loudly, Dennis Knudsen, together with his brother, Dion, carried the little white baby coffin out of the church.

In it lay one of his twin daughters, Naomi. The one and a half month old little girl died suddenly on the night of 1 November.

Dennis Knudsen with his mother.
Photo: Jens Nørgaard Larsen / Byrd

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An autopsy has subsequently shown that it was cot death, Dennis Knudsen tells BT. However, he did not want to answer more questions about the tragic loss.

However, he told briefly in front of the press in the church that he thought it was a dream when he found his little daughter lifeless at night.

“I thought so many hours later. I couldn’t understand, it was reality,’ said the devastated father.

Dennis Knudsen wept heartbreakingly when the coffin with his little daughter was put into the rusting wagon. Together with both his mother and brother, he laid red roses by the coffin, while the many present stood with tears in their eyes and watched.

Dennis Knudsen gave the little girl a hug.

Dennis Knudsen gave the little girl a hug.
Photo: Jens Nørgaard Larsen / Byrd

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Among the guests were several celebrities, including Sanne Salomonsen and TV doctor Charlotte Bøving.

But some of the locals from Korsør had also found their way to the church. Dennis Knudsen moved in 2021 to the West Zealand city, where he bought a large villa with a sea view.

And here he has been well received.

A family with a little girl had turned up at the church. The girl, whose younger brother is good friends with Dennis Knudsen’s eldest son, Lukas, brought a teddy bear to the well-known hairdresser and insisted on giving him a hug.

Dennis Knudsen said goodbye to his daughter, Naomi, on Thursday.

Dennis Knudsen said goodbye to his daughter, Naomi, on Thursday.
Photo: Jens Nørgaard Larsen / Byrd

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“She is so happy for him. He is so sweet to both her and her little brother. We have visited them a lot,’ said the girl’s grandmother, who had accompanied the girl’s mother to the funeral.

Dennis Knudsen was delighted by the hug and explained what had happened to his daughter:

“Now my little angel is up in heaven,” he said to the girl and subsequently told BT that he had really been welcomed in the port city.

The well-known hairdresser was also composed enough – despite the many tears – to thank all those present for their support during this difficult time.

“Thank you, it means so much to me,” he said before getting a big group hug in front of the church.

After the ceremony, Dennis Knudsen told that he had to pick up his three other children who had not been at the funeral.

Infant mortality can strike children before the age of one quite unexpectedly.

The cause of death can be difficult to determine when an autopsy or other examinations do not provide an explanation for the cause of death.

New recommendations that the child must sleep on its back, that the child does not sleep in the same bed as the parents, that the child does not get too hot at night, that the child’s anxiety must not be covered, avoid smoking during pregnancy and expose the child to tobacco smoke have significantly reduced the risk.

Sudden unexpected infant death mostly occurs between the ages of two and four months. 90% of cases occur before the age of six months. Boys are affected more often than girls. Most cases occur in the winter.

Source: Sundhed.dk

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