"A crazy character" and "indomitable" : Adriana Karembeu was already loose about her ex Aram Ohanian

A year 2022 which ended in a funny way… While she seemed happy and fulfilled alongside her companion André “Aram” Ohanian, Adriana Karembeu announced her separation from the father of her daughter Nina. It was through a long text, filled with emotion, that the top shared the news and also took the opportunity to ensure that their relationship had not changed.

“It is with a heavy heart that I write these few lines… Twelve magnificent years spent together… I have thrilled every moment. I have never laughed so much as by your side. Our story was beautiful and I have so loved… Yet today we have decided together to take separate roads… Love will never end. You gave me the most beautiful of treasures… Our Nina. You are and you will always remain”, she wrote with a heavy heart. If for 12 years, happiness was there, Adriana Karembeu still foreshadowed that her relationship with André Ohanian was not easy every day, and even that the two did not always live together.

Adriana Karembeu and her ex at “crazy character”

Proof of this is with its passage in 50’Insidewhen she presented her place of life in Marrakech and admitted that she gave everything for her daughter, even a little too much… Indeed, our colleagues fromParis here informed us that the sublime blonde had stopped doing “shared room with her husband” since Nina’s arrival. “In Marrakech, I live in a hotel and there (in Paris, editor’s note), I share a huge room with my daughter in which I even had a slide installed for her to play. Aram, he sleeps in a another room”she also revealed to Gala.

In addition to sleeping apart, Adriana Karembeu has never hidden the fact that her now ex-boyfriend had a character of his own. “My guy has a crazy character. Anyway, I always choose indomitable men”, she admitted before qualifying: “Aram is fire. I admire him”.

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