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  • Good career growth is available in the international relation field
  • Know for which profile you can apply
  • Know the essential qualifications before the course

A Career In International Relations: In today’s time, the way all the countries are connected to each other politically and economically, international relations have become very important. You can make a great career in this field. International relations defines the political relations between different countries. Earlier the study of international relations was limited to political history only but now it includes subjects like political science, economics, foreign policy, anthropology and sociology. In today’s time, there are many career opportunities available in International Relations ranging from Political Sector to International Business. Due to which you can not only get a good salary package in this field, but can also make a great career.

What is International Relation
International relations is the study of relations between different countries, as well as the role of sovereign countries, intergovernmental organizations, international NGOs, non-governmental organizations and multinational companies. The field of International Relations provides the students with an opportunity to see and understand the world apart from introducing them to the wide career possibilities. Through a career in this field, you can contribute to the foreign affairs of a country, represent your country on the international stage, enter into agreements and participate in the country’s decisions.

Required qualification for the course
If you want to make a career in International Relations, then you have to pass class 12th with Political Science and Humanities. However, students who have not opted for Humanities can also take the course of International Relations. Generally, students pursue graduation in Political Science and then do post-graduation in International Relations. On the other hand, if you want to do your graduation in International Relations, then there are some colleges that offer this course.
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Graduation in International Relations
Graduation in International Relations is the best course for those students who want to understand the economic and political connectivity of different countries. In graduation, students are made to study international economy, national and international history, sociology of European societies to global and comparative politics. These topics help to explore the political dynamics affecting our country and international organizations. The graduation course is of 3 years duration. You can do graduation in BA in History and International Relations from Ashoka University, Haryana, BA in Politics and International Relations from ILSASS, Gujarat and BA Honors in Global Affairs from Jindal School of International Affairs Haryana.

Post Graduation
If you want to do post graduation in International Relations, then you will get many subjects to do the course here. It includes International Relations, International Law, International Politics, International Economy, World History, Strategic Studies and Globalization. After studying these diverse subjects, you will have to complete internship in this domain as per different college syllabus. Admission to various colleges will be through examination. Post Graduation you can do MA in Political Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, MA in Political Science and International Relations from Jadavpur University, MA in International Relations from South Asian University, MA in Political Science from University of Delhi and MA in International Relations from Christ University, Bangalore can.

Career in International Relations
Civil Service
After completing the course in International Relations, you can join the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) after clearing the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year.
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Political and Government
After the course, you can make a career as a diplomat, intelligence specialist or political analyst. The job of a diplomat is to represent one’s own country in other countries along with being in contact with the political and government officials there. Whereas an intelligence specialist is responsible for collecting data and information for a mission and working with the Army, Navy or any other government agency. Also the job of a political analyst is recruited by the government to analyze public policies, identify various political issues for research, and advise political leaders on foreign government policies.

Business and Law
You can also make a good career in business and law. In the field of business, you can work as a lobbyist. A lobbyist is a person who represents his organization or institution, usually in front of government officials. International Advocates deal with International Business Law, Finance and Banking and also mediate disputes between two countries.

International Organization
You can make a good career as an International Relations Specialist working with international organizations like United Nations agencies, departments of the European Union, World Health Organization and World Economic Forum.

Career In Education
You can appear the National Eligibility Test for Junior Research Fellowship and Lectureship conducted by the University Grants Commission. After passing this exam, students are eligible for research roles and scholarships in a particular field, which can lead to teaching jobs in colleges and universities.

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