A car hits several parked vehicles then a facade last night in Pecq: two seriously injured people taken to hospital

Seriously injured, the two occupants had to be extricated and hospitalized. However, according to the emergency doctor, their vital process is not engaged.

The emergency services of Picardy Wallonia were alerted on Saturday, around 2:45 a.m., that a road accident had occurred along the road from Tournai to Pecq. The accident took place in the Tournai-Courtrai direction.

An extrication vehicle, a beacon truck, a command vehicle, two ambulances and an SMUR were dispatched to the scene.

For a reason that the investigation will have to determine, the driver of a car registered in France lost control of his vehicle. It hit two parked cars before ending up against the facade of a house.

“Fortunately this car was slowed down by the impact with the parked vehicles before stopping on the facade. The latter did not have to be shored up,” explains Captain Issam Joudar, who led the intervention.

The driver and his passenger had to be extricated by firefighters. Both, in their thirties, were conscious. “Seriously injured, they were taken care of by the SMUR emergency doctor. Both were admitted to the emergency department of the Center Union du ChWapi in Tournai. According to the doctor, their vital process is not engaged”, specifies the officer.

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