A car hits a truck parked in Quiévrain: the two vehicles are set on fire (photos)

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It was at the intersection of rue du Joncquois, rue Marais and rue de Montrœul. A car crashed into a parked truck. The two vehicles quickly caught fire and the fire spread to the neighboring house.

The firefighters were there for several hours. – ZHC Quiévrain substation

“When we arrived on site, the two vehicles were completely set on fire and the disaster spread to the home, indicate the Quiévrain firefighters on their Facebook group. There were two occupants in the car which crashed into the parked truck. One of the two injured was taken care of by anonymous people who dropped him off in France where he was taken care of by fellow firefighters from sdis59. The second victim was taken care of by the Quiévrain ambulance and the SMUR ”,

The intervention ended around 5:45 am, with reinforcements from the Dour barracks.

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ZHC Quiévrain substation

ZHC Quiévrain substation

ZHC Quiévrain substation

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