A candidate of Secret Story victim of a stroke

She confided in social networks. Elodie Ortisset revealed in 2014 in the show Secret Story, had at the time for secret “I was born under X”. It’s a whole other secret that she revealed to her virtual community. On January 23, 2023, in her Instagram story, she explained that she had suffered a stroke. It is these three letters that she simply published with the short message: “Everything is fine, I’ll keep you informed. Thank you” in an Instagram story.

Originally from Montauban, the young woman has always been rather discreet on social networks. In 2017, she explained to Purepeople her projects in entrepreneurship and associations: “I focused on my communication and production company. I am absolutely not in the digital sector, but very quickly a digital innovation called Le Ticket. It is a contactless payment solution with many uses that fully meet the expectations of SMEs and SMIs and users”.

150,000 strokes per year

Each year, in France, approximately 150,000 strokes occur, i.e. 1 every four minutes. Among the most common symptoms: muscle weakness, loss of sensitivity, language and/or vision disorders, etc. As soon as the first symptom appears, every minute counts, so it is essential to contact the emergency services as soon as possible. With 40,000 deaths per year, stroke is also the leading cause of acquired disability with patients who have serious sequelae.

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