A bride dressed in black let her husband and guests give her a tattoo at her wedding

  • They warned him not to drink much on his wedding day, he ignored it and ended up rolling down a hill
  • A reporter is speechless when asking a passerby how he avoids the heat

A newlywed from San Francisco, USA, decided to innovate on her wedding day and was encouraged to wear a dark suit, instead of the traditional white dress. Likewise, she sealed the celebration of her love with her new husband by letting him tattoo her in front of her guests.

“How We Became Husband and Wife”wrote Kotrynawhose video of TikTok where it shows part of the celebration went viral with more than 800 thousand reproductions.

In the clip, she can be seen quite excitedly going down a ladder and without the company of their parents, which is usually part of the custom in this type of event. According to the New York Post, the young woman entered the premises using a muumuua dress worn in Hawaii that is characterized by being quite loose and hanging from the shoulder.

Once at the altar, Kotryna hugs and kisses her partner, without waiting for the officiant to start the ceremony. Later, the couple enjoyed music in the company of their guests, with the groom himself as DJ.


How we became husband & wife vol.2

♬ Walk the Night – Retrospaction

Despite the fact that the young woman’s wedding is far from usual, the party seems to have enchanted Internet users: “I don’t want to get married, but I could actually do it if that’s the case”; “Honestly, I love seeing people getting married their way and not how they were told when they were kids. It makes me want to get married one day”; “The dress is incredible”, were some of the reactions generated by the clip.

Ideas to surprise guests on your wedding day

The portal labastille.com points out that managing to surprise the guests of a wedding requires a good dose of imagination and creativity. The following are some things you can take into account:

  • Symbolic and very personal details in the ceremony: they can be rituals full of symbolism with which you will achieve a more personal ceremony.
  • Avant-garde gastronomic offer: choosing the menu well is important so that everyone enjoys it.
  • Live music and performances: a jazz group, a violinist or a guitarist, and even small theater skits will entertain and surprise.
  • Throw yourself into a flashmob: Skip the typical wedding dance and have a fun flashmob that will blow everyone away. Choose a fun song with a special meaning.
  • Surprise in your change of dress: it is usual for the bride to change her dress to enjoy the party and dance more comfortably. Take advantage of the occasion to surprise with an original style.

What are the 7 things the bride should wear?

  • Tradition: something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue.
  • bridal garter
  • Veil.
  • Handkerchief.
  • Bride shoes.
  • Bridal bouquet.
  • Jewels.
  • Women’s lingerie for the wedding.

With information from weddings.net.

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