A breakdown paralyzes Geneva and Zurich airports

Due to a breakdown at the Skyguide air traffic controller, planes are unable to land or take off at Geneva and Zurich airports. As a security measure, the entire Swiss airspace has been closed, specifies the company in a press release.

The breakdown, the exact duration of which remains difficult to estimate, also concerns Geneva airport. “For the moment the outage should last at least until 8 a.m., and probably until 11 a.m.” specifies Ignace Jeannerat, spokesperson for Genève Aéroport. A first United Airlines flight from Newark (United States) to Geneva was diverted to Paris, and two other planes, one from New York and another from Israel, already in the air at the time of the announcement of the breakdown, will be directed to neighboring airports.

The number of flights that will be affected by this breakdown in Geneva is still difficult to estimate. “On a day like this, there are between 300 and 350 movements, so this breakdown will cause major disruptions, specifies Ignace Jeannerat. The companies do their best to warn their customers, but there will certainly be problems at the airport. To find out more about the status of their flight, passengers are advised to contact the airlines.

According to the daily 20 minutes, four Swiss airline flights from Johannesburg, Dubai, Chicago and Montreal that should have landed in Kloten were diverted to Basel and Milan. Zurich airport remains open, but boarding has been stopped.

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