A book is returned to the library 73 years after borrowing it with a letter of apology

It may happen that you ever borrow a book from the library and forget to return it. Of course, if one has exceeded the expected delivery period, they will have to assume a small fine as punishment, generally a penalty when picking up a new copy.

But what has happened in Scotland is even beyond fiction. The daughter of the man who had lent the book has returned a volume 73 years later. It has happened in the library that is now called Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries, in the east of the country.

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The book was ordered in 1948

This is a copy of Rupert Hughes’s Stately Timber, which was ordered on November 6, 1948. The library staff were deeply surprised when a few days ago they received a package: inside was the book.

“I laughed when I opened the package, I couldn’t believe it,” one of the workers, Donna Dewar, told the BBC. “Someone returned a book after 14 years of being loaned, and that was impressive to me. This beats anything we’ve ever seen before. “he added.

The book returned 73 years later along with a note. (Photo: Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries | Facebook)

The package went with a letter

The package was accompanied by a letter of the daughter of the person who had taken the book more than seven decades ago, in which he gave more details about what had happened to the copy.

The man who brought out the book in 1948 had lived in Fife for a time, but then moved away. His daughter commented that her father, now deceased, then I was about twenty years old and indicated that he did not know if he had decided to keep it or simply forgot to return it.

The daughter also pointed out that he had found it moving find on the book card the dates that indicated the times the copy had left the library before her father took it away.

“I find it fascinating to see the dates that indicate when this book was loaned, especially in the last years of World War II, and to see that the war passed and ended while the librarians continued to put stamps on the book. Life goes on in the midst of momentous historical moments “.

The returned book will be exhibited

Christine McLean, director of Fife Cultural Heritage, said in a statement that the library plans to display the book on a special site that explains how and when it was returned. “We are excited to have received it”.

The library will not charge the amount of late fees, according to the reports, but the staff decided to do a calculation “just for fun,” Dewar said. The total to pay would be 2,847 pounds sterling (about 3,840 dollars).

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