A book about Vogue boss Anna Wintourová: Salad for a double has been published

It is common knowledge that she is demanding, vain and capricious. Everyone knows the movie hit The Devil Wears Prada (2006), which is basically about her. Anna Wintour (72), head of the fashion magazine Vogue, has her obsessions, anxieties and blocks. In the new book Anna: The Biography, which has just been published, we can read, for example, that caprese is lunch without tomatoes.

That she is no longer caprese, she doesn’t care at all, she just orders it that way and still slightly improves. It then costs a non-Christian $ 77.33 (1,840 crowns)! The classic caprese salad has three basic ingredients – mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, topped with olive oil or black olives. But instead of tomatoes, the world fashion guru asks for a medium-baked steak. Bizarre, but why not… Anna hates vegetables.

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When her landscape architect recommended a huge plot of land to improve the vegetable beds, she sent her to the grove. By the way, he has the improved caprese sent to him from The Palm Restaurant in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood. “The second assistant brings the food to the preparation room, puts it on a plate that Anna likes, and serves it to her office. The plate from The Palm wraps up and sends back. Unwashed, “ describes in the book by the author Amy Odell. The biography has 430 pages and Amy interviewed 150 personalities to talk about Wintour.

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