A blocked bpost safe prevents Jennifer from receiving her monthly check in La Louvière: “We had planned an activity but we can’t go”

Jennifer and her family, living in Houdeng-Goegnies, pay the price. This mother of three children was unable to receive from the hands of the bpost employee her monthly check from the Black Virgin (the Directorate General for Persons with Disabilities).

➜ “We planned an activity in Tournai with the children several days ago. But for lack of means, we cannot go there. » Jennifer testifies.

Unfortunately, this family does not seem to be the only ones affected by this more than unusual inconvenience. Dozens of people would be impacted by what bpost describes as a first. Imagine, some retirees have not even received their pension!

➜ Laura Cerrada-Crespo, bpost spokesperson, explain the situation.

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