A bigger trauma than Ondřej! The cook shocks with a harsh past

Little is known that Taťána is Slovak by birth, she was originally named Tatiana Sklenárová on her birth certificate – after her biological father. “Birological dad only had access to me occasionally and very limited, but I understand why it had to be like that, I’m not surprised from today’s perspective,” she admitted in the program Talk. After her parents’ divorce, her mother had her name changed to Taťána, while she immediately adopted her stepfather’s surname, Cook.

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But the wounds from childhood are obviously not healed yet. On the contrary, they are the subject of regular sessions with a therapist. “Admitting your own weakness is an asset and it’s good to have a therapist on hand to discuss your distress or things that come back. It always gets me going,” Táňa described the reasons.

Whether she is ready for love is a question. Blesk caught her while wandering around Prague in the evening hanging out with some nice guy, who supposedly could keep his eyes on her… But Kuchařová has not yet revealed the identity of her boyfriend, or maybe just a friend.

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