A beaver found dead nailed to a panel in Esneux: an open investigation! (video)

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An investigation by the DNF (Department of Nature and Forests) was opened following the discovery in Esneux, in the province of Liège, of a dead beaver planted on a wooden sign on the edge of Ourthe, announced on Sunday the Esneut municipal authorities. The beaver is a protected species.

Next to the animal’s carcass, a message was also posted. On it, a person accused the beavers of being the cause of damage in the gardens but also of having killed people with the floods: “The beavers cut down thousands of trees which were washed away by the flood. These trees caused dams which then caused tsunamis or struck houses which collapsed causing deaths. We must eliminate these pests ”, it is thus written.

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A photo of the carcass and the text was posted on a Facebook group in the town entitled “Esneux 4130”.

The municipal authorities have been notified of the situation. “I have just learned that a beaver was the victim of a barbaric act this afternoon in Esneux”, reacted the alderman in charge of the Environment, Pauline Gobin. “They would be, according to this person, responsible for the floods which devastated our villages. I am dismayed, shocked by this act. It is humans who destroy nature on a daily basis. This gesture shows once again how human stupidity leads us straight into the wall. The DNF and the police are warned. We will not stop there, ”she concluded.

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