A bartender shows on TikTok a clear example of the harassment that women face on a regular basis

Machismo and harassment of women unfortunately remain the bread and butter of global society and Kayla Governor witnessed it thanks to a terrible experience in her own work. The 24-year-old American who works as a bartender was persistently and terrifyingly bothered by a customer, but she decided not to sit idly by as she filmed the subject and later exposed him in TikTok and that his case went viral all over the Internet.

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The young woman, in various interviews she gave after having received support in the social networks, said that it all started with some flirtations, nothing out of the ordinary, because, according to her words, men usually do it every time they go to the bar where she works. However, everything changed in tone as the seconds passed to the point of feeling frightened.

As you can see and hear in the images of the video viral from TikTok, the subject invited the young woman to her hotel room to have a pleasant cocaine-based moment, but she always refused. Faced with rejections, the stalker began to criticize and qualify her in a macho way in order to achieve his goal.

In the final seconds of the video, the man is heard asking Kayla if she drank alcohol or not and she, in an effort to end the terrible harassment she was suffering, commented that she did, but in her church.

The audiovisual material was published in his personal account of TikTok (@kaylagovernor), where it has already accumulated almost two million views. In the same social network, thousands of users gave their support to the young woman and thanked her for having the courage to secretly record the moment and make her complaint public, which endorses all the hell that girls must live in a macho world .

Kayla Governor and the viral TikTok video of harassment at her work


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Kayla Governor’s reactions to the harassment

The 24-year-old, in an interview with BuzzFeedHe confessed all the fear he felt when he was the victim of harassment by a client of the bar where he has been working for some time. “At first I felt normal. This happens to me almost every time I work. Men like to flirt. Then for the first time at work, I freaked out and felt very uncomfortable. Although this has happened since I started working, I have never felt that way “he commented.

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