A baby identical to Woody Harrelson was born


A photo of a girl who laughs just like Woody Harrelson went viral on social media. Even the actor shared it on his networks.

The original photo had more than half a million interactions.
© GettyThe original photo had more than half a million interactions.

Social media has a soft spot for Hollywood star look-alikes, especially when it comes to photos that were taken at times when it would be impossible to see the original artist. Just look at Google images of celebrities on subways and buses to find doppelgangers like Hugh Jackman, Daniel Radcliffe either Vin Diesel. For some, you have to put a little more effort than others to see the similarities, but this does not take away from the fun.

In the last few hours, a photograph of a girl who is identical to Woody Harrelson. The publication was uploaded by the mother of the newborn in a post that went completely viral. There, you can read: “Ok, but how does our daughter look like Woody Harrelson?”. The post was made by Dani Grier Mulvenna in your account Twitterwhere he received almost 30 thousand retweets and more than 483 thousand likes.

In the picture you can see how corathe newborn baby, smiles with her mouth open and immediately brings to mind a photo of Woody Harrelson smiling. This possibly has to do with the composition of the publication made by Dani Grier Mulvenna although the similarity is indisputable: the eyes, the mouth and even the spirit of the actor of Three ads for a crime are present in the snapshot they took of the little girl cora.

Such was the impact that the image had that even the Woody Harrelson was responsible for sharing the publication on their networks. Of course, she did it in a very special and heartfelt way, it was not a simple post but he was in charge of dedicating some tender words to cora. in your account Instagramthe protagonist of White people don’t know how to jump wrote him a poem! to the newborn baby, where there was room to make a joke with her lack of hair.

+What does Woody Harrelson’s poem say to Cora?

On his official Instagram account, Woody Harrelson accompanied a capture of the viral tweet with the ode he dedicated to cora. “You are an adorable girl, I am flattered that we are compared. You have a wonderful smile, I only wish I had your hair.wrote Harrelsonin addition to tagging the account of Instagram of Dani Grier Mulvenna in a publication that exceeded 220 thousand likes. Excited, the mother once again shared a screenshot on her account of Twitterwhere he wrote: “It’s not every day that Woody Harrelson writes a poem for your daughter.”.

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