A 50-year-old found dead on a barge near Engis

This Saturday morning, around 9 a.m., the Meuse-Hesbaye police were called by an employee of a barge moored on the Meuse, near Engis, not far from the Prayon factory. The latter had indeed discovered the lifeless body of his colleague, a 55-year-old man, of French nationality, but who lives in Antoing (Hainaut), near the border.

The report was made by the local police before the Liège public prosecutor’s office was informed of the facts. But it was ultimately the Liège Labor Auditor who took charge of the case.

The circumstances of the death are however not yet known but according to the first findings of the labor auditor, they would be accidental. “We asked for the intervention of a forensic doctor in order to carry out an autopsy and so that we understand what happened”, explains Pascale Malderez, press magistrate. A welfare inspector also came.

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