A 21-year-old resident of Hainaut wins at… Win for Life: here are the 23 winners by province

Earn 2,000 euros or more for life, everyone has dreamed of it! And for some, the dream has come true. In total, 23 lucky people from all over Belgium won the jackpot last year with scratch tickets, Win for Life. Not everyone won the same amount but whatever people say, it’s always a pleasure!

The youngest of the winners is only 21 years old! Originally from Hainaut, she won 3,000 euros per month, for life by betting only… 6 euros! This young woman played Win for Life Holiday, online! But this scratch ticket also offers him 10,000 euros each year, in addition, at the beginning of the summer to afford a dream vacation. “I don’t quite realize it yet but it’s a huge relief for the rest of my life. I play on e-lotto.be from time to time and I did not expect to win such an amount so quickly at my age. Luckily, anyone can win,” she said.

Among the 23 winners, 12 women won the Win for Life for 11 men. All these lucky ones are aged between 21 and 77! But beware, not everyone bet the same. As you probably know, Win for Life scratch tickets range from 1 euro to 10 euros, with variable prizes depending on the scratch ticket chosen.

1,000 euros for life!

At 77, a man from East Flanders bet… two euros at a National Lottery point of sale and won the tidy sum of 1,000 euros for life. He is the oldest winner! The second Win for Life winner, the oldest, is from Hainaut. He won 3,000 euros for life thanks to the “holiday” ticket. “I have dreamed of having a beautiful veranda for a long time. Today, it’s possible and I’ll even be able to take on a cleaning lady,” confided the winner.

The winners by province!

Of the 23 people who won major prizes, no winner is from Walloon Brabant. This obviously cannot be explained since it is always a matter of chance!

1. Two winners are from Brussels

2. Five from East Flanders

3. One from the province of Luxembourg

4. Four from the province of Hainaut

5. Three from the province of Liège

6. Three from the province of Limburg

7. Two from Flemish Brabant

8. One from West Flanders

9. One from the province of Namur

10. One from the province of Antwerp

Belgians still just as Lotto fans!

Belgians’ favorite games haven’t changed since the previous year. We find on the podium the Euromillions, the Lotto and the instant games. In 2021, there were 47 major lottery winners. The biggest Lotto win is 6,500,003 euros. And the winner is a Limburger who won the jackpot on December 8th. “I play Lotto from time to time in bookstores, each time for a small sum. With the incredible amount I have earned, I plan to buy a new house. But first of all, I’m going to treat myself to a new watch,” says the Limburger.

It is nevertheless important to underline that during the last year, there were 42 “millionaires”, that is to say players who won more than one million euros in a game of National Lottery draw or scratch card.

The winnings range from 500,000 euros to 6,500,000 euros with winners from all over Belgium. As a reminder, the lotto draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The National Lottery has 7,763 points of sale. Your tickets can be purchased in bookstores, on the internet. Moreover, the points of sale that have experienced significant gains are often located in Etterbeek. Of the 47 winners, 16 bookstores in Etterbeek are concerned.

Scratch tickets, a wild success!

Scratch tickets are still popular despite the passing years. Cash, suddenly… 23 Belgians won different prizes in Cash. Some bet 1,3,5,10,20 euros… and won between 10,000 euros and 1,000,000 euros! As for the Subito games, 14 winners were identified. Sums between 20,000 and 400,000 euros were distributed. We asked the lottery’s managing director for some advice on how to improve their chances of winning, but… it’s luck!

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