A 17-year-old girl dies on an electric scooter, hit by a car: her family bid her a final farewell…

Last Saturday, Ikram, a 17-year-old girl, was the victim of an accident on an electric scooter in Ouwegem while crossing the N60. Mowed down by a car, she had misjudged the distances and the driver could not avoid her, reported HLN.

Resuscitated on the spot, she had been transported to hospital in Ghent to undergo operations on the head. She died there on Tuesday.

A comrade described her as “always cheerful and enthusiastic”. “She was full of projects, wanted to have her own house and was preparing for exams for her driving licence,” said her grandmother.

This weekend, the parents, relatives and loved ones of the victim bid him a final farewell in the meditorium of the Dhondt funeral home in Oudenaarde, writes HNB. Ikram’s favorite music echoed as pictures of her were projected on a large screen.

Several relatives spoke. This is particularly the case of his mother: “How am I supposed to say goodbye if I can’t say anything until next time? Where should I look for you now? Dear Ikram, why? I hope you have found peace. Out of sight, but never out of mind. »

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