A 14-month-old baby found dead because of the high temperatures in his dad’s car: he forgot to drop him off at the nursery!

This Monday evening, the body of a one-year-old baby was found dead in a car parked on the seafront in Saint-Nazaire. The investigation entrusted to the urban security brigade of Saint-Nazaire has already been able to determine that it is the father of the toddler who forgot his child in the morning, when the temperatures exceeded 30 degrees.

According to France Bleu, this nurse from Saint-Nazaire hospital had to drop off his baby at the nursery in the morning before going to work but forgot. He parked in the parking lot and returned to his post. The 14-month-old baby was in his car seat and spent long hours in direct sunlight.

The emergency services intervened around 6 p.m., but it was already too late…

The public prosecutor Sylvie Canovas-Lagarde spoke of “an absolute tragedy”.

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