94 year old divorces his wife because he is in love with another: now he will marry his new partner

You also have an aunt that you only see during the holidays and who promptly asks the question “And you who are waiting to ‘settle down’, watch as time goes by eh ‘? ” Well, with greater conviction than ever, you can tell her to choose the way to live a hundred years. And maybe tell her the story of a retiree from Arezzowhich in fact is not a centenary for a little while, and his mature love. The 94 years oldmarried, he fell in love with an 87-year-old known in a circle. Reciprocated. Such and so much was immediately the passion that the two went to live together and he asked for separation from his wife. Not linear. Because his wife certainly did not want to grant it and the children got in the way too, determined to convince the father that no, he shouldn’t leave. No way. The court today, two years after the beginning of mature love, has issued a divorce decree. His wife is left with the usufruct of the house and she now receives a monthly allowance. And finally the two lovers they can get married. The names of the two lovers, soon husband and wife, have not been leaked. But the story, the one that has made the rounds of sites, newspapers (and tables with annoying aunts).

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