90-year-old woman fulfills her late husband’s last wish and marries his best friend

In Facebook a moving case was published that quickly became viralizó in social networks. Although the death of a couple is one of the most painful events, for Eileen it represented the beginning of a love life, as she fulfilled the last wish of her late beloved Vince Triggs and married her best friend.

Vince Triggs He left at the age of 96 and was married to Eileen for 71 years. As a result of this love, they had four children, four grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. Before dying, the man, known within his community for holding charity events, “Expressed his gratitude” to all your family.

Vince’s last wish

Likewise, Vince also “Expressed his wish that” his beloved Elieen “I will not spend too much time in mourning” and “it was his wish that at some point she would remarry and he could share the rest of his life with someone like he wanted it ”, as their son wrote, Mike Triggs, in a Facebook post.

Hearing these words, Mike’s mother was surprised and indicated that “It was crazy talk”. However, Vince went on and confessed that “Although there would surely be many, the only man who knew that he would treat her like himHe would want me to treat her was his best friend, Ron Fulton.

The two men met in 2015 and immediately became friends. Ron Fulton’s wife Melba even became friends with Eileen until she passed away in 2019.

Eileen got married again

After the death of Vince Triggs, Eileen and Ron spent time together. He helped her with her late husband’s closet, watched soccer games, and attended concerts. As if that were not enough, the 90-year-old woman fulfilled her ex-partner’s wish and decided to marry “his best friend” on December 26.

“One day Ron asked me if I would consider going to Arizona for a couple of months and I said no because I wouldn’t consider going with someone I wasn’t married to. The next day he came back and said, ‘Would you consider going to Arizona if we got married?’ and I said yes ”, revealed Eileen to the portal .

“Cinderella Story”

Mike Triggs said the bond between his mother and Fulton, 87, “It’s like a Cinderella story”. While cleaning Vince’s closet, they found a pair of his father’s custom-made boots. Fulton was going to try them on and Eileen pointed out that they would never fit, but the opposite happened. The same happened with the wedding ring they planned to sell.

“Obviously, (the wedding) this surprised us all. The moment seemed to be a bit early, but after thinking about it, Mom is 90 and Ron is 87. Neither of them is getting any younger and it makes sense that they can be happy, go places, and do things as a couple while they are both at home. good health”Mike pointed out.

What is the meaning of marriage?

details that marriage (from Latin matrimonīum) “It is a social institution, present in a large number of cultures, that establishes a conjugal bond between people, recognized and consolidated through community practices and legal, customary, religious or moral norms”.

What is marriage?

The (RAE) ensures that it is the “Union of man and woman, arranged through certain rites or legal formalities, to establish and maintain a community of life and interests”.

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