85% of women believe that their hormonal contraception has harmed their romantic relationship

The side effects of hormonal contraceptive methods are well known: increased risk of thrombosis, cardiovascular disease and cancer, mood swings, weight gain, acne attacks, etc. So many factors that can upset our body, but also our mental health, at the risk of encroaching on our relations. In any case, this is the observation made by the British law firm specializing in family rights, Stowe Family Law.

As part of their study, the pollsters interviewed more than 500 women between the ages of 18 and 60. 85% of them believe that the side effects of their contraception have affected their marriage or their romantic relationship. The effects most often incriminated are:

  • mood swings (which affect more than 70% of women);
  • anxiety (which affects about three out of ten women);
  • mental and emotional fatigue
  • and loss of libido (incriminated by nearly half of the women surveyed).

Note: 36% of women surveyed say they experience these inconveniences on a daily basis.

Hormones, a major cause of breakups and divorces

“The highs and lows caused by the estrogen/testosterone/progesterone cocktail during a woman’s menstrual cycle can have a powerful effect on how they feel about their partner and their relationship. For women taking hormonal birth control, the impact on relationships is heightened,” says Sarah Barr-Young, associate attorney at Stowe Family Lawat The Independentant (source 1).

As part of the study, a quarter of the women surveyed also said that their partner did not understand the difficulties that hormonal contraception could cause.

So many misunderstandings that can be a source of unspoken, tension or disputes and establish a distance in a couple, sometimes to the point of no return, regrets the expert.

Almost a quarter of the respondents actually admitted that their relationship or marriage had ended partly because of their method of contraception and the conflicts it generated. Among them, 46% were at the origin of the rupture and 64% of them regretted it.

To prevent the consequences on their relationship, 65% of women therefore chose to stop or change contraception. The most popular alternatives are: the hormone-free copper IUDcondoms, vasectomy or tubal removal.

The side effects of hormonal contraceptives are not inevitable. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor to tell him about your symptoms. Solutions exist!

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