80 kilos less for Sam, the son of actress Véronique Genest who reveals it quite proudly!

Véronique Genest does not have her tongue in her pocket. The 66-year-old actress is the type to speak her mind, whether it’s about coming to terms with her “Islamophobia” on the set of “TPMP” or when she gets angry with the government. Side private life, same topo, Véronique Genest is without filter. In an interview given to Paris here on August 3, the one who is known for having played the title role of the series “Julie Lescaut” confided in the impressive weight loss of his son. 26 years old, Sam has lost 80 kilos and she’s pretty proud of it. “It took a lot of willpower, acupuncture, and a diet. It took three years for Sam and six months for me. Now here we go again!” she told our colleagues. Because she also went through the diet box, during this interview, she reveals to have lost 36 kilos.

If Véronique Genest is proud of the metamorphosis of her son, it remains to be hoped that he is comfortable with the idea that his mother exposes him in this way. Because his outspokenness annoys more than one, starting with Matthieu Delormeau. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the actress spoke about the vaccine. “With this vaccination obligation which does not say its name, I had the feeling of a rape of which we do not want to take the complaint. There with the third dose under penalty of losing his pass and not being able to work I have the impression of being the victim of a turning point”, she wrote on Twitter. Matthieu Delormeau then took advantage of his presence on the set of “TPMP” to react. “What I don’t like about you Véronique, I don’t know if it’s systematically to exist or to hurt people, but whether it’s about Islam, whether it’s about the vaccine or whether it’s either on the PMA. You made a tweet saying: ‘Say daddy, who is mommy? Why did she sell me?’. Systematically, your tweets are made to hurt, to hurt and for you to exist”he had regretted before stepping up to the plate. “I’m pissed because I can’t take it anymore in the name of freedom of expression today, people are allowed to say anything and dangerous things (…) I don’t think you know nothing about religions, GPA, vaccines because you are not a doctor”.

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