700-year-old piece of furniture: throne for King Charles III. restored

700 year old piece of furniture
Throne will be for King Charles III. restored

At the beginning of May, King Charles III. Follow in the footsteps of his late mother Elizabeth and ascend the British throne alongside his wife Camilla. So that the coronation chair in Westminster Abbey shines like new despite its old age, it is currently being extensively restored.

It is one of the most valuable and historically significant pieces of furniture in the world: the coronation chair of the British monarchy. On May 6th King Charles III. sit on him at the official coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey. But before that, the more than 700-year-old throne still has to be extensively restored.

The Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey.

(Photo: IMAGO/Heritage Images)

As explained on the world famous church’s website, Conservator Krista Blessley is busy cleaning the chair and stabilizing the gilding. She uses sponges and cotton swabs to carefully remove deep-seated dirt.

Cleaning with cotton swabs

The throne was commissioned by King Edward I in 1296. Almost all heads of England and Great Britain have been crowned on it since 1308 – most recently Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. It is made of oak and was originally completely covered with gold leaf. Four lions form the legs of the chair. “He is in remarkably good condition for his age,” Westminster Abbey said. On the back of the throne, pilgrims and visitors would have left scrawls and their initials over the years.

Those wishing to see the restoration work on the throne can come to St George’s Chapel on select days.

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