70 years in power: the palace has big plans for the Queen’s jubilee

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70 years in power
Palast has big plans for the Queen’s jubilee

A world without her is hard to imagine: Queen Elizabeth II can look back on 70 years on the British throne in 2022. That should be celebrated appropriately. Various scandals and disputes within the royal family could, however, cloud the mood.

Hardly any Briton can remember a time without her: the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s throne this year is to be celebrated for four days in Great Britain. Buckingham Palace has now presented the exact plans for the spectacle, which is to take place despite the corona pandemic. King George VI died on February 6, 1952, and his daughter Princess Elizabeth became queen overnight. The news came to her on a trip to Kenya. She returned to London as quickly as possible. The shy 25-year-old is now the longest ruling monarch in Great Britain.

In honor of the platinum anniversary, special coins are minted.

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“To celebrate this unprecedented anniversary, events and initiatives will take place throughout the year, culminating in a four-day long weekend from June 2nd to 5th,” said the palace’s announcement on the platinum anniversary. The prelude is a riding show with 500 horses in mid-May in Windsor, where the Queen, as always, organizes the Royal Windsor Horse Show. She hopes the anniversary year will be “an opportunity for people everywhere to feel a sense of togetherness,” the Queen recently said in her Christmas address.

But the queen also showed the hardships of the past year. The death in April of her husband, Prince Philip, to whom she was married for 73 years, had hit her hard. In addition, there were health problems that forced Elizabeth to take it easy. She looked serious, her cheeks much narrower than usual.

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Anger over her second eldest son, Prince Andrew, who is facing a civil lawsuit over allegations of abuse in the United States, could also cast a shadow over the anniversary year. He denies the allegations, but the damage to his reputation is significant. And the ongoing dispute between various royals with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan is also a burden for the royal family. This year, of all times, Harry wants to publish his memoirs, in which further tips against the family and unwelcome details from their private life are expected.

Gigantic street festival is the grand finale

The grand celebration coincides with the Queen’s official birthday feast on June 2nd, traditionally the Trooping the Color Parade in central London. The parade, in which hundreds of guard soldiers litigate from Buckingham Palace to the large Horse Guards Parade parade ground – led by the Queen and other royals – had to be canceled in the past two years due to the corona pandemic. The actual 96th birthday of the Queen is April 21st.

Another highlight of the celebrations is a live concert hosted by the BBC on June 4th with thousands of spectators and “some of the greatest entertainment stars in the world”, according to the announcement. The most important moments from Elizabeth’s reign are to be celebrated. The royal festival will end on June 5th with a gigantic street festival in the British capital and a procession of 200 silk flags, on which children-made works of art on the subject of climate change are to be depicted.

The importance of environmental protection to the British royal family is also shown by an event entitled “The Queen’s Green Canopy”: People are called upon to plant trees all over the country. The Queen proves that she still has a sense of humor despite 70 years of conscientious fulfillment of duties, with the announcement of a competition for the best dessert recipe (Platinum Pudding Recipe).

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