70 cents for a trip to the toilet? Oliver Pocher refuses

Oliver Pocher (43) makes no exceptions here! It is widely known that the comedian and his wife Amira (29) do not mince their words. Usually the podcasters hand it out against other celebrities. In the year in review, the comedian made an all-round blow again. This time, however, the two also talked about themselves and their own habits. Olli revealed one of his life principles: Under no circumstances does he pay any money for going to the toilet!

In her podcast “The Pochers here” the 43-year-old clarified: “As a matter of principle, I never pay for peeing in the toilet!” To avoid the flat rate of 70 cents in public toilets, Olli has adopted a simple trick: “I always go through the children’s entrance. Sometimes I can do that without having to bend down. I walk straight through it.”the former Let’s Dance contestant joked.

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His wife can only understand these principles to a limited extent – especially because there are also vouchers at public toilets. “You are really too stingy, although you can even offset 50 cents if you buy something. Then we are at 20 cents and you are too good to pee at 20 cents”the presenter was amazed. Olli could very well spend five euros on a drink.

Amira and Oliver Pocher in Bonn in August 2021

Christoph Hardt / Future Image

Amira and Oliver Pocher in Bonn in August 2021
Oliver Pocher at the German Television Prize 2021 in Cologne
Oliver and Amira Pocher, TV stars

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowuis

Oliver and Amira Pocher, TV stars

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