7 Netflix Shows That Are Not Worth Your Time…

Your time is very important – we at CinePOP, we know it and we value it. That’s why we leave here a list of 7 series from Netflix that are really not worth even starting to watch, even though some of them were in the Top 10. Ah! And there’s still another series of freebies from the neighboring platform, which is also not worth pressing play. With so many cool options, why waste time on boring series?

7 – Who Killed Sara?

The recent release of Netflix is a sleepy Mexican soap opera that brings absolutely nothing new. Under the guise of suspense, it tells the story of the poor underdog who paid for the rich family’s crime and now seeks revenge.

6 – Vis a Vis: El Oasis

The fans who followed the entire journey of Zulema, Macarena and Saray deserved better in this spin-off of the hit series by Alex Pina. Even if Zulema win an apotheotic bow, ‘El Oasis‘ deconstructs everything that was built into the characters and throws it in the trash. Better not even see it, and stay with the ‘vis a vis‘ original.

5 – Silence in the Forest

Fans of the books Harlan Coben saw this series with the greatest expectation, but in reality, the Polish production failed to capture the enveloping atmosphere of mystery of the writer’s story thriller. With a sluggish pace and insecure performances, the only good thing is that it’s a miniseries – and therefore there will not be a second season.

4 – Life After Death

Full of good intentions, the result does not match the synopsis. For those who believe or seek to understand if there is life after death, this series – extremely slow – could be summarized in a single episode, but instead it features a bunch of episodes with testimonials that basically say the same thing, and, in the end, In the end, we don’t have an answer (obviously!). To see testimonials from people who survived near-death episodes, just look at the newspaper.

3 – Letter to the King

Little series fantasizes with a footprint MTV to the classic English history of King Arthur, with a hint of pop and a black spotlight to try to bring something new to this plot that is already much explored in entertainment. She tries so hard to be cool, she doesn’t convince.

2 – The Dealer

With the intention of being an almost real immersion in the criminal world of the French periphery, the only good thing about this series is the fact that it has episodes that last a maximum of fifteen minutes. The story, however, sucks.

1 – Tribes of Europe

mixing dystopia, Science fiction and fantasyThat series German threw a bunch of pop reference in the blender and the result is a bland, lackluster paste. Despite being a mega-production, the story doesn’t decide which audience it wants to reach and has boring and not at all captivating protagonists.

Bonus: Trickster – The Agent of Chaos

As a bonus on this list, here’s a tip for you to stay away from the sleepy ‘Trickster – The Agent of Chaos‘, available at Globoplay. With extremely irritable characters and a protagonist who doesn’t improve at all, the series had a good idea – addressing the mystique of Native Americans – but it took the differential and threw it under the rug. The series has already been canceled, so don’t waste your time with it.

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