7 Netflix movies similar to Back to the Ball

With Rebel Wilson in the lead role, the comedy Back to the Ball won the hearts of fans of Netflix. Although the film was detonated by specialized critics, its fun plot and unusual twists are making the biggest success on the platform. Anyone who has checked out the hilarious story wants to know: what to watch next?

“After being in a coma for 20 years because of a stunt gone wrong, a woman wants to live her high school dream: to be prom queen,” reads the film’s official synopsis.

Along with Rebel Wilson (Cats), the cast of Back to the Ball includes Sam Richardson (Veep), Justin Hartley (This is Us), Zoë Chao (Modern Love), Mary Holland (Warning Me?) and Alicia Silverstone (As Patricinhas of Beverly Hills).

We list below the 7 best comedies to watch on Netflix after Back to the Ball; check out.

The Wrong Missy

Like Back to the Prom, The Wrong Missy failed to win over critics – but it became a huge hit with Netflix audiences. The film follows the story of the protagonist Tim, a guy who believes he has invited the girl of his dreams to go on vacation in Hawaii. What he didn’t expect was to have sent the message to the wrong Missy, an eccentric young woman who gets into the biggest mess. The comedy stars David Spade (Grown People) and Lauren Lapkus (Orange is the New Black).

A thief without limit

A Thief Without Limits is considered one of the best films by Melissa McCarthy, a true icon of comedy. In the film, the quiet Sandy Patterson does everything to find out who is the person who is dirtying his name and using his identity to carry out scams. The culprit is Diana Budge, a fun-loving crook who makes her living deceiving people in Florida. In addition to McCarthy as Diana, the comedy features Jason Bateman (Ozark) as Sandy.


One of the great assets of Back to the Ball is the hilarious performance of Rebel Wilson as the protagonist Stephanie. The actress is also in Megaromantic, another big hit on Netflix. In the film, Wilson plays Natalie, an architect who doesn’t believe in love. After hitting her head, she sees her life turn into a true romantic comedy, full of the biggest clichés of the genre. In addition to Rebel Wilson, the cast of Mega Romantic includes Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) and Priyanka Chopra (Quantico).


In Desperados, Nasim Pedrad (Aladdin) plays the protagonist Wes, a young woman who, after getting drunk with her friends, decides to send an embarrassing email to her biggest crush. The next day, she realizes what she’s done and decides to embark on a trip to Mexico to erase the message before the suitor sees her. In addition to the comedian, the cast of Desperados also includes Anna Camp (True Blood) and Lamorne Morris (New Girl).

Mystery in the Mediterranean

Released in 2019, the comedy Mystery in the Mediterranean became an unusual success on Netflix. The film appeared for weeks in the Top 10 of several countries, including Brazil. In the film, a New York police officer and his hairdresser wife try to solve a mysterious murder aboard a billionaire’s yacht. The film stars two Hollywood stars: Jennifer Aniston (Friends) and Adam Sandler (Uncut Gems). Its cast also includes Luke Evans (Fast and Furious) and Gemma Arterton (Kingsman).

The F**k-It List

The teen comedy The F**k-It List is a hit on Netflix with a creative theme and a truly hilarious story. The film follows the story of Brett Blackmore, a studious and straight-laced high school student whose life is shaken by a prank that ends up backfire. Reflecting on the last days of adolescence, he decides to create a list of things he’s been wanting to do – and embarks on a fun journey to accomplish them. The comedy’s cast includes Eli Brown (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists), Marcus Scribner (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) and Madison Iseman (Annabelle 3).

The package

Created by Jake Szymanski (The Bridehunters) and produced by Ben Stiller (Tropical Thunder), The Bundle is guaranteed to have a laugh on Netflix. The plot of the long begins after an unusual accident that happens during a trip of teenagers. In a fun series of confusions, a group of friends race against time so that one of them can – literally – make it back to the house in one piece. In its cast, The Package features Daniel Doheny (Alex Strangelove), Geraldine Viswanathan (It’s Not Going), Sadie Calvano (Why Women Kill), Luke Spencer Roberts (Fear the Walking Dead) and Eduardo Franco (Stranger Things).

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