6 months pregnant, Viviane Araujo feels sick: ‘Horrible’. Know details

6 months pregnantViviane Araujo reported to her followers the difficult dawn that passed this Tuesday (14). The actress, who revealed that she had experienced bleeding early in her pregnancy, was affected by a malaise caused by reflux and heartburn, a problem experienced by other famous pregnant women, such as countrywoman Simone and actress Nanda Costa.

+ Viviane Araujo shows belly of 6 months of pregnancy in show

“Oh, guys, I felt so bad last night. I had heartburn, reflux, really bad. I couldn’t sleep. Three o’clock in the morning, I woke up to pee that we do and I couldn’t sleep anymore, people. Horrible. I had to sit“, says Viviane, who still reassured the fans and reinforced that it is a normal situation in pregnancy. “You may have reflux, that annoying heartburn”, she explained.

However, the situation had an impact on Viviane’s fitness routine, recently resumed. “I didn’t go to sleep until almost 7:30 in the morning. And then I couldn’t go to the gym, which I was scheduled for my training today. And since I’m already on the street, I couldn’t do my training at home. But tomorrow I’m firm and strong,” he promised.


In an interview with the Grão de Gente podcast, Viviane commented on the questions she experiences as her pregnancy progresses. She revealed that breastfeeding is a topic that generates insecurity.

“Breastfeeding worries me a little, makes me a little insecure, you know? I’ll make it? I will not go? Will it be quiet? Will not? And if it’s not too, that’s fine… I don’t really want to suffer with this issue“, he pointed out.

Another point raised by Viviane in the interview is childbirth. The actress has already revealed that she wants to give birth naturally, but does not reject the possibility of a cesarean if it is not feasible. “I really want it to be normal! If it’s not too, it’s okay! But I want to feel, I want to have this feeling. Despite the pain and everything… But let it be as quiet as possible… If not, so be it another way,” he explained.

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