5G race, even Italia Viva attacks the government on the absence of offers for the unprofitable areas. Paita: “So Pnrr at risk”

“The outcome of the tender for the 5G antennas in the white areas it is a result of considerable concern for us “. Also Italy Vivaby the mouth of the president of the Transport Commission of the Chamber Raffaella Paitajoins the chorus of fears for the lack of interest aroused by the 1 billion tender for 5G networks in the areas low profitabilityone of the two races for the fifth generation networks provided for in the plan Italy Digital Strategy 2026financed through the Pnrr which on Monday 9 May registered the absence of participants despite the public funding 90 percent.

“The failure to which the races have gone through risks representing a serious obstacle both with respect to the implementation of the NRP and with respect to the achievement of the objective of bridging the infrastructural gap between the various areas of the country. We ask the Minister for Technological Innovation for this Vittorio Colao to help us understand i reasons for the difficulties found in the tenders, also in order to identify possible solutions ”, concluded Paita.

Externations in line with those of the League on Wednesday 10 May when the League’s deputies in the Transport, Post and Telecommunications Commission had stressed that “the conditions for operators appeared strongly in favor: the European Commission, in fact, had set a limit for the public incentive of 90%. You can’t afford that entire territories are cut off from broadband coverage because it is too important for our country’s innovation “. And they had asked Minister Colao to “report to the Transport Committee in order to take immediate action to prevent the empty tender from leading to new territorial gaps, as well as a lack of use of resources available to Italy”.

Similarly, for the CGIL “it is unacceptable: the government will find a way to connect the whole country”, as the confederal secretary said on Tuesday Emilio Miceli, underlining how the result came a few weeks after the extension of the calls for tender for the 5G networks and after the postponement of the terms for those linked to the Healthcare and Connected School plans, “which happened twice. The feeling, as we have already reiterated, is that this is due to the fact that we have chosen to treat the telecommunications network, the backbone of the entire system contained in the PNRR missions, as if it were a ‘inert public workignoring the fact that to connect the country, from north to south, from the internal areas to the islands, it is not enough lay the cables to then make them available to the market “. For Miceli “the result is once again evident: despite the fact that in the case of 5G the public contribution reaches as much as 90% (for a maximum value of 974 million euros), the tlc operators they abandoned the idea of ​​participating and decided not to commit to covering peripheral areas of the country, from which it would be difficult to obtain revenues and profits. Apparently – he adds – the Government intends to divert resources to other projects “.

The deputy of the 5 Star Movement in the Transport and telecommunications commission, Mirella Liuzzi, spoke of “a failure explainable with theinadequacy of the plan presented by the Government ”, asking the Draghi government to account for it. For his part, Colao had issued a note in which he highlighted how “although the Government has made the best possible effort to cover the digital divide in the most remote areas, the 6 lots relating to the densification of 5G areas in market failure have not received offers. for which public funding equal to 90% of the investment was envisaged, authorized with the highest percentage of public subsidy never granted by the European Commission for the mobile networks sector “. For the amount related to this component of the tender, Colao had also announced that in the next few weeks “various possibilities of use and the relative times will be evaluated”.

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