58 Belgian students unharmed after a bus accident: rest times were respected

© Kreisfeuerwehrverband Erlangen-Höchstadt

The company owns the three coaches that brought the pupils back to Belgium after their school trip. According to its leader Francis Paulussen, the rest and driving times were respected.

“Two very experienced drivers”

“I can say that the drivers rested enough and that they didn’t stay too long behind the wheel,” he said. “They are two very experienced drivers, employed for a long time and we have never had a problem with them.” Mr. Paulussen points out that drivers who drive a coach are subject to a medical examination and must meet conditions to keep their license.

A driver in his 60s

The driver who hit the sign post is a man in his 60s. He tore a tendon in his knee in the accident, but did not suffer serious injuries. The driver of the first bus did not see the accident happening and continued driving. The last bus stopped and contacted the management of the company.

All children were taken care of

Primary school children were cared for in a sports hall and provided with psychological help, food and drink. They are repatriated today/Wednesday by another transport company and will arrive in Belgium late in the evening. The accident mainly caused material damage to the front of the bus. It was a modern two-decker vehicle that hadn’t been in service for a long time, Paulussen said.

German police have opened an investigation into the accident and the vehicle has been seized for examination.


Belgian students emerge unscathed from a serious bus accident in Germany: “We were very scared”

Kreisfeuerwehrverband Erlangen-Höchstadt
© Kreisfeuerwehrverband Erlangen-Höchstadt

Kreisfeuerwehrverband Erlangen-Höchstadt
© Kreisfeuerwehrverband Erlangen-Höchstadt

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