57-year-old former top model shared underwear photo: Now she is responding to angry comments again

“Almost 58? Grandma, knitting, fireplace? Check, check, check, check.’

This is what 57-year-old Czech Paulina Porizkova wrote in a post on her Instagram. The former top model had a great career and, at just 18 years old, became the first woman from Central Europe to break the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimwear issue.

In the post, she shares a picture that shows her in underwear and a sweater that she has knitted herself. The photo is also accompanied by several hashtags. Including ‘sexy has no expiration date’ (sex has no expiry date, ed.).

But not everyone has welcomed the image and the message. The model could tell this herself in a new post, where she shared a number of the negative comments she had received. They read, among other things:

  • Why are you so hung up on age? You are beautiful, probably because you always have been, and therefore have that confidence. Yet you act as if it is mandatory for you to show your age? You act like a martyr.
  • Too concerned with how you look. What would you do if you weren’t born with that look? Would you appreciate life as much? You have good genes and you haven’t ruined them. Do you have more to offer than your looks? Think about it.
  • I’m a fan, but why do you feel like you keep having to prove something that most people have already acknowledged? How do you think this makes other 58-year-olds who aren’t as blessed feel?

There are also those who believe that Paulina Porizkova only shares these kinds of photos to get attention. And in the post that she subsequently made, she admits that it is actually true.

“Many of the unkind comments seem to focus on me needing validation – which is partly true, I need to be noticed not to be invisible,” she writes.

However, it is some completely different comments that bother her more.

“The comments I like the least are the ones that because I’m tall and slim, I don’t have the right to represent women my age because I don’t look like a typical woman my age. I am not trying to represent all women my age. How could I do that? How can anyone do that? Don’t we all look different and isn’t that where our beauty lies?’

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