5 tips on how to teach children to walk safely on the road

According to BESIP, traffic accidents account for more than 40% of all child accidents, and traffic is responsible for almost every third child death. Returning from the holidays and starting school is, from the experts’ point of view, the most critical period. Children are inattentive after the holidays, entering new educational institutions in places where they are not yet familiar. Or they go on their own for the first time. During the holiday months and year, drivers and drivers also got used to the heavier traffic around schools. We have prepared five recommendations for you, which are good to follow.

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1) Children must be lit.

With the autumn, the gloomy weather is irresistibly approaching, when drivers can’t see pedestrians. But children should be visible on the road at all times. Therefore, choose clothes and accessories in bold colors and get them used to wearing reflective elements.

2) Teach them to cross

Remind children of the basics of crossing the road safely. That is, to always find a safe place to cross, where they have a good view and where the transition is marked. To always stop and look both directions and never to pass between parked cars or just in front of and behind a bus, trolleybus or tram.

3) Practice your journey

Practice the first few trips with the children and accompany them. Show them the best places to cross and warn of potential dangers. On the last journey together, swap roles and let the child guide you to test what she has memorized.

4) Change the mode

If the child is used to climbing on the way to school, change the regime so that the child gets used to getting up in the morning and is fully awake and focused at the critical time between 7 and 8 o’clock. She must not get up at the last minute, the journey to school must be calm and there must be enough time for her.

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5) Do not remove the car seat

If part of being independent is that you take the child somewhere, don’t forget the seat belts and the child car seat. Even if you only went to a side street! More than half of all accidents happen at the beginning of the journey or on routes shorter than 10 kilometers. They are usually caused by the driver’s inattention.

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