5 Things you should know if you plan to travel to South Korea

Thanks to K-Pop and K-Dramas, more and more people are interested in traveling to South Korea as tourists. Keep these points in mind so that your adventure is even more pleasant and you do not have any complications.

Tourism in Korea has increased considerably and now receives visitors from all over the world. if this ride it is in your plans so there are many preparations that you must take into account, from saving for this adventure, choosing the season of your trip and more, but here we tell you some things that you must take into consideration.

With the help of these interesting data you can prepare to go South Korea and take advantage of some opportunities along the way, do you dare to know what it is about?

We tell you some details that you must take into account to make the most of your stay in the country where K-Pop and the K-dramasTell us if you are already planning to visit this place.

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Plan your trip to South Korea, very useful information for tourists

Taehyung in the drama Hwarang. | Source: Instagram @thebangtanboys

Being in an unknown place you will probably think that a good way of transporting yourself is taking taxis that take you right where you want to go, but public transport is undoubtedly a good alternative for you. Their service is quite efficient, once you start using it it will be really easy to get used to it and it is also much cheaper, so the money you save on that can be used for something else

On your way you will find many attractive restaurants, but an infallible alternative is to visit traditional markets, not only will you find many alternative dishes, but you will also get closer to Korean culture and you will also find cheaper prices.

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When you arrive at the airport you can hire a mobile internet service that will accompany you throughout your stay in Korea, so you will not have to worry and you will be able to use your phone with total comfort, update your social networks and more.

If you already have in mind a place that you are very excited to visit and where you would like to take many photos, then an alternative would be to visit it on a weekday, since the most popular and instagrammable sites tend to be crowded during the weekends.

The South Korean capital has great attractions and is undoubtedly one of the places you should visit, but if you spend enough time, you will discover that there are many nearby cities and even provinces that will make you fall in love with their charm.

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