5 things that will happen this week in “Brothers”: witness has video about Kadir’s death and more

This week in “Brothers”, we will see how the Eren should start trying to live without Kadir, who died as a result of an accident of transit, that still does not have answers and that Akif will seek at all costs that none come to light. Do not miss what will happen this week of Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 January, through Antena 3.

“Kardeslerim”, in the original name of the production in Turkish. It was created by Gül Abus Semerci and has been able to reach more than 40 countries, including Spain, the United States, Argentina, Chile, Peru, among others. The fiction stars the actors Halit Özgür Sari, Yiğit Koçak, Su Burcu Yazgi Coşkun and Aylin Akpınar.

Last week, the Eren brothers had to bury Kadir, the breadwinner of the family. The young man died when the motorcycle on which he was traveling at speed, to denounce Akif for the death of his father, was hit by the car that his girlfriend Melisa was driving. Despite the efforts of the doctors, who tried to revive him, the eldest of the Eren died before the heartbreaking gaze of Emel, Asiye, Ömer and other relatives. Then follow the story a week after the death.


These are the most outstanding moments that will happen this week in the Turkish soap opera, which is broadcast on Mondays and Tuesdays by Antena 3.

5. Emel and the aftermath of Kadir’s death

A week after Kadir’s death, the Eren brothers try to move on without him, but his memory is constant and his absence leaves scars, especially in Emel. The little girl, after losing so many loved ones in such a short time, has begun to feel an irrational fear of death. She fears that Asiye and Ömer will also pass away and she doesn’t part with them.

Emel suffers the departure of Kadir and fears that his other brothers will also pass away (Photo: NG Medya)

4. Video about the accident

Ömer seeks to discover at all costs who was the person who collided with Kadir and caused his death. He decides to post pictures of the accident site in search of a witness who saw what happened. His idea works and a stranger contacts him to deliver a video of the terrible event. In the images, Akif and a desperate Melisa can be seen.

3. The boycott of Akif

Akif, however, finds out about the video that would send his daughter to jail and prevents it from reaching Ömer’s hands. Thanks to Kaan’s help, he manages to blackmail the witness into handing over the recording. Finally, the stranger contacts Ömer and says that he was wrong: “I witnessed another accident, not your brother’s. I’m sorry”. Will she believe him?

2. The Eren without money

The problems do not stop the Eren: Ömer loses his job. Now Asiye starts looking for a job as an assistant in different houses. “We already have little money left from Kadir’s last salary. At this rate we will not be able to eat or warm up”, the girl complains to Doruk. This one, to help his beloved, shows up at his home with several piles of wood for the stove.

1. Melissa in a psychiatric clinic

Melissa is not well. The young woman cannot bear the guilt for the death of the love of her life and she goes through a nervous breakdown. Her parents have seen no better option than to send her to a psychiatric clinic in Geneva. Her mother, Nebahat, says that she appears to be idling and does not react to any stimuli: “He’s absent all the time”. Neither Nebahat nor Akif have told Doruk the real reason why his sister is like this.


At a very young age, the four young people lose their parents after a series of very unfortunate events. Kadir, Omer, Asiye and Emel try to get through this by supporting each other. Despite their ups and downs, they are always there to take care of themselves. But soon, the truth about her parents’ death slowly begins to unravel and nothing will ever stay the same.

Kadir, the older brother, 19 years old, is an honest and hard-working person who, after the death of his parents, became the head of the family. He will raise his brothers to lead them on the right path, protecting them from everything that is to come.

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