5 reasons why you absolutely must see Spy x Family

Spy x Family is one of the most popular anime of 2022. Haven’t gotten to it yet? Here are five reasons why you should go and watch the anime!

Among all the anime released in 2022, some have clearly marked the fans. Whether it be chain saw man, My Dress-Up Darling or Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, all fans were able to find something to their liking. But among all the possibilities offered by the Japanese animation industry, there is one title that particularly stood out in the spring. It is obviously about Spy x Familyavailable on Crunchyroll and whose manga is distributed by Kurokawa. Very popular, the second part of season 1 also began its broadcast at the beginning of October, to the delight of fans.

Particularly popular, the series continues to win new viewers. But maybe you haven’t yet dared to take the step of viewing Spy x Family. If you are not yet totally convinced by this anime, here are five reasons why you absolutely must watch Spy x Family as quickly as possible !

Spy x Family’s story is amazing

For a manga or anime to work, the story needs to stand out and bring something to the reader/viewer. And on this point, Spy x Family is clearly above the lot. Certainly, the story is that of a family. But not just any ! She is the one who must preserve the peace at all costs! Well, say like that, you must have the impression that we are exaggerating! But it’s (almost) the truth!

On one side, we have Loid Forger, aka Twilight, Westalis’ best spy. One day he receives a new mission order: getting closer to Donovan Desmond, an Ostania politician suspected of wanting to start a war between the two countries. To carry out her mission, Twilight has only one possibility: to found a fictitious family and succeed in having her child integrate the prestigious Eden Academy where Desmond’s youngest son studies. The spy will thus adopt Anya, a telepathic girl, and marry Yor, a town hall employee by day and a contract killer by night. Everyone conceals their identity from the other members of the family, but only Anya knows everything.

The main characters are simply sensational

Loid Forger is a complex character that we see evolve throughout the story.

In the first episodes of Spy x Family, we get to know the characters who will become the Forger family. And, against all odds, each of them turns out to be quite complex, starting with Loid Forger himself. Indeed, the one who will become the father of the family is above all a spy. A spy renowned for his ability to assume any identity. And to achieve this feat, Twilight had to give up her own identity. Also renowned for his great professionalism, Twilight will however be put to the test during his mission since he will have to struggle between the smooth running of the mission and his attachment to Anya and Yor.

Yor also has his secrets. As said before, the one who will become the mother of the family has a double life. On the one hand, she holds a position at the town hall of the city, on the other, she is a hitman at night. In order not to look like a spinster and potentially be arrested by the secret police, Yor had no choice but to get married. She met Loid and Anya by chance. And the latter, seizing the perfect opportunity, therefore proposed to marry him. A boon Yor couldn’t pass up. But the more we advance in the story, we discover how complex his character is, too. Indeed, between her desire to keep the secret of her nocturnal activities, that of being a good mother for Anya and a good wife for Loid, Yor is often seated between two chairs. For now, the deal concludes with Loid works, but until when?

Spy x Family

Much like Loid, Yor has a dual identity to protect.

And finally, little Anya, the fan favorite character in Spy x Family. Telepathic, the little girl is therefore the only one to be aware of each other’s secrets. But beyond that, she is above all an energetic and clumsy child, but so adorable! Unable to conceal her emotions, she regularly has hilarious facial expressions. But it is above all her attachment to her adoptive parents and her desire to always come to their aid that make her so endearing.

The dynamics of the story are fantastic

Spy x Family does not just offer action scenes, quite the contrary. Indeed, the story skilfully juggles between chases, fights and other confrontations and scenes of everyday life, including at school. The viewer and the reader can thus follow Loid trying to educate and raise Anya as his own son, but also Yor in his efforts to become a better wife and a better mother. The more we advance in the story, the more the relationship between Yor and Loid evolves, to the delight of fans who only hope for one thing: that the Forger family become final.

The humor is very present

In Spy x Family, don’t expect it to be all action scenes. No no no. You will also, and above all, have a great sense of humor. Indeed, thanks to the secret identities of the three main characters, there will be a lot of misunderstandings, a lot of awkward situations and a lot of jokes. Especially with Anya, who, let’s be honest, doesn’t miss a thing. Whether it’s to help her dad, get closer to Damian Desmond, cover for her mom and her nightlife or whatever, Anya is the kind of unfiltered little girl who often says the first thing that crosses her mind. head. And it’s simply hilarious!

Spy x Family

Anya is undoubtedly the funniest character in Spy x Family.

WIT Studio offers us high-level animation

W.I.T. Studio is a particularly well-known Japanese animation studio among fans. Indeed, the studio is known for its work on the first three seasons of The attack of the Titansthe first season of Vinland Saga or on Ranking of Kings. And whatever work the studio has adapted, we have to admit that the teams have always managed to offer us high quality animation and Spy x Family is no exception to the rule.

Even though some argue that the anime “is just a slice-of-life type anime”, W.I.T. Studio managed to perfectly fit every scene and every moment, even the less important of Spy x Family.

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