5 months pregnant, Virgínia Fonseca opens up about marriage in the church with a big belly. Check out!

About to complete 2 years of relationship, Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe have already been married three times in intimate ceremonies; the last one took place in Las Vegas, in April of this year. However, the couple’s fans still charge a huge party to celebrate the union.. The possibility was the subject of a video on the influencer’s channel, which had an impact on the production after the health problems she suffered in May.

Five months pregnant, Virginia was categorical in stating that a church wedding is ruled out for now. “Maria Flor is already there, she will come, God willing, in October. I want to get married when I’m not pregnant, because I want to party, I want to drink, I want to be able to stay late at my wedding, without looking like 10 trucks passed over me. So I don’t want to get married pregnant. There won’t be this wedding in the church before Maria Flor is born”, she pointed out.


Virginia also explained that the death of her father, in September of last year, made her discouraged with the plans. “I really wanted to get married in church when my father was alive because I wanted him to come with me to church. But, unfortunately, my father is already gone and that’s when the flame of getting married in the church that was burning in me ended up extinguished. Only civil marriage is enough for me“, he explained.

However, the possibility of entering the church wearing a veil and wreath with Zé Felipe is not 100% out of the question. “Maybe after, maybe next year we’ll think about getting married. Because we also decide things at the last minute. ‘Shall we do this? Let’s go!’. But we still don’t have plans. It doesn’t,” Virginia pointed out.

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